Athlete Non-Selection Refund:

Family and Friends are the cornerstone and influence for the success of many Athletes, always there to support them and to strive to achieve their greatest challenges in Sport.

At KSG we understand that sometimes, despite all best efforts, things happen and athletes may not be selected to be part of a team.

To give our athlete family and friends peace of mind and as part of our commitment to and support of the nations we exclusively represent, KSG is proud to provide a special limited refund policy where your nominated athlete is not selected and for that reason only you are no longer willing to travel to the Games.

Cancel before 1st June 2022 and if you are family and friend of a nominated athlete, you shall not only obtain a 75% refund, but KSG shall also reimburse you a further 15% (making a total of 90%)  of your package price (excluding airfares).*


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